CE Marking

As from 1st July 2013, is it mandatory for all window and external door products supplied in the UK to have a CE Mark for them to be legally placed on the market.

CE Marking means that the product complies with essential requirements of the Construction Products Regulations 2011 drawn up by the European Commission and that the product can be used for the application intended.

The aim of the Regulations is to harmonise compliance with European technical standard EN14351-1 across the EU and a CE mark indicates to a customer that a product conforms to specific standards, known as harmonised European Norms (hEN).

All our products are CE marked and the corresponding documents can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Declaration of Conformity – Window Express UK Ltd

EN 14351-1:A1:2010 – PVCu or Timber Windows and Doors

Thermal Performance and “U” Values

Dangerous Substances Declaration

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